Five Department Members will be Presenting at the 2024 CAA Conference

Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Maggie Crosland, Ph.D. student Jessica Baran, Ph.D. candidate Hoyon Mephokee, Ph.D. 2023, Julie James, and Ph.D. student Jay Buchanan will be presenting their papers at the 2024 CAA conference in Chicago. 

Dr. Maggie Crosland will present her paper titled: “Surveying Global Artistic Connections: Audience Engagement as Curatorial Strategy at the Saint Louis Art Museum.”

Jessica Baran will present her paper titled: “Designs for Democracy: The People’s Art Center of St. Louis.”

Hoyon Mephokee will present his paper titled: “Co-Conspirators: Impressionism, Tourism, and the Invention of Modern Thailand.”

Julie James will present her paper titled: "Clothing as Cartography of Culture: European Costume Books and Japanese Namban Screens."

Jay Buchanan will present his paper titled: “Xiyadie's Gate: Antimonumentalizing Tian'anmen and Papercutting Queer Endurance.”