Professor Kristina Kleutghen Participates in the Humanities Digital Workshop

During the summer of 2020, Professor Kristina Kleutghen is supervising a digital art history project with the Humanities Digital Workshop, which provides paid eight-week summer fellowships for three of our AHA majors (Lingran Zhang '21, Haley Harris '22, and Gloria Jin '23). The project supports the research and digital components of my book project, The Local Exotic: Fabricating Foreign Taste in High Qing Court Decorative Arts (under advance contract with University of Washington Press). Together with traditional print publication, the book will include a significant digital art history supplement that will be presented with open data, data visualizations, zoomable maps, and annotated zoomable image comparisons. After the Workshop officially ends in mid-July, Haley and Gloria are continuing their work on this project for credit through the Practical Applications Internship Program.