Graduate Students Claire Lyman and Mary Sulavik join Dr. Aravecchia in Amheida this January

Department of Art History and Archaeology graduate students Claire Lyman and Mary Sulavik joined Dr. Nicola Aravecchia, Archaeological Director of the Amheida project, on a trip to the ancient site of Amheida in Egypt’s Dakhla Oasis. While in the Dakhla Oasis, they participated in a variety of workshops led by fellow project members with expertise in a variety of fields relevant to archaeological work, including papyrology, landscape archaeology, and art conservation. In addition, they visited a number of Dakhla’s ancient sites, including the painted Roman tombs of El-Muzzawaka, which Claire and Mary studied in Dr. Aravecchia’s Fall 2023 seminar, “Rome in Egypt: The Archaeology of an Oasis City.” Before traveling to Dakhla, Claire and Mary spent three days in Cairo, where they took in cultural and religious sites, such as The Egyptian Museum and The Hanging Church. They especially enjoyed their trip to the Pyramids of Giza. 

Although the team was unfortunately unable to excavate at Amheida this season, our students still enjoyed an incredibly rich and inspiring educational experience this year in Egypt alongside Dr. Aravecchia.

Dr. Roger Bagnall (former director of the Amheida project), Claire Lyman, Mary Sulavik, and Dr. Aravecchia at the site of Amheida

Claire, Mary, and Dr. Aravecchia visit the of Tomb of Petosiris at El-Muzzawaka

Dr. Aravecchia shows Claire and Mary the area of the baths at Amheida

Art conservator Jennifer Porter discusses her analysis of a painted fragment with Mary And Claire