Van Gogh: Creativity, Mythology, and Commodity


Among the most famous artists of the canon of European modern art is Vincent van Gogh, known for his expressive painting, his famous letters that chart his tumultuous career, and a short creative life marked by intense and innovative work. This seminar examines his career first through a study of his practice and in particular, his deep engagement with the art and literature of his time. Over Fall Break (Oct, 4-8, 2024), we have the incredible opportunity to travel to London as a class (courtesy of the West Bay View Foundation) to study a major Van Gogh exhibition at the National Gallery. In the latter half of the class, we will study the mythologies surrounding his art, particularly through the lenses of "genius" and "madness." A final section of the class will be devoted to presentations made in the galleries of the Saint Louis Art Museum. Due to the required travel component, students will be interviewed prior to being admitted to the small class of six; email the instructor to arrange a short interview before registration. Both advanced art history majors and graduate students are welcome to apply. Prerequisites: at least one advanced course in art history, or graduate status. All require permission of the instructor.
Course Attributes: FA AH; EN H; BU Hum; AS HUM; AS LCD; GF AH; FA HUM; AR HUM

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Van Gogh: Creativity, Mythology, and Commodity
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