Topics in Art History and Archaeology


Matisse in the 21st Century. Certain artists generate enormous interest and productive analysis during their lifetimes and long after. Henri Matisse (1869-1954) is one of those artists. Over time the work of a prominent figure like Matisse is subjected to a variety of interpretive approaches in light of prevailing trends in art criticism and art history; the influence of contemporary art at any given time; the ebb and flow of interest in different aspects of the artist's production; developments in the political landscape; and the changing sense of how the artist's work intersects with contemporary cultural developments, as well as shifts in what cultural developments are held to be important. To reconsider Matisse's place in the history of art in the 20th century, and his significance in the 21st, we will place special emphasis on his contribution to modern trends in domestic and institutional decoration. This course is being offered in conjunction with the major Spring 2024 exhibition at the Saint Louis Art Museum, Matisse and the Sea. In addition to a guided tour of this show by its curator, visits to local private collections with important holdings of Matisse's work will be a key feature of the course. Prereqs: L01 113 or L01 215; one 300-level course in Art History preferred; or permission of instructor.
Course Attributes: FA AH; EN H; AS HUM; AH NW

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Topics in Art History and Archaeology
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