Hoyon Mephokee

Graduate Student, PhD

Hoyon Mephokee is PhD student studying with Dr. Elizabeth C. Childs. He is interested in cross-cultural and colonial encounters in the Francophone world, specifically between the French Colonial Empire and the Siamese Kingdom, in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. He is also interested in studying the politics of modernist painting and sculpture in Thailand as it emerged between the middle of the twentieth century. In addition to his work in the Art History and Archaeology department, he is pursuing a graduate certificate in Film and Media Studies.

Prior to attending Washington University in St. Louis, Hoyon received his MA in Art History from American University. There, he completed his thesis on the colonialist discourse embedded in the site and iconography of Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux’s Fountain of the Four Parts of the World as it related to the Second French Empire. He is currently working on a co-authored chapter in a Brill publication on this topic.

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