Second-year PhD student Katie DiDomenico publishes two Google Arts & Culture Stories

Second-year PhD student Katie DiDomenico recently had two stories published on Google Arts & Culture about art in Cleveland. Google Arts & Culture is an online platform that partners with museums and cultural institutions around the world to produce image-heavy stories about art, culture, and history. Their project "Created in Cleveland" is part of an ongoing series about U.S. cities and currently features 100 stories, 95 videos, and nearly 40,000 images. Katie's two stories—"Cleveland's Industry and Art History" and "Funding Art During the Great Depression: New Deal-era Prints from Cleveland"—are based on research she conducted during her MA at Case Western Reserve University and while working at the Akron Art Museum. Both stories showcase paintings, prints, and photographs by artists based in Northeast Ohio as well as popular sites around the region. As a Northeast Ohio native, Katie is very proud to have been a part of this project!