Graduate Students Hoyon Mephokee, Brooke Eastman, and Elizabeth Mangone Speak at SLAM

This past Saturday, Hoyon Mephokee (PhD), Brooke Eastman (PhD), and Elizabeth Mangone (MA) gave pop-up talks at the Saint Louis Art Museum as part of SLAM's Earth Day event Shared Muses: Nature, Music, and Art. Hoyon spoke about Joaquin Sorolla and the role of Impressionism outside of France, Brooke's talk was about the relationship of nature and industry in Monet's work, and Elizabeth addressed the Impressionists' relationship to water as a subject. These topics arose out of research for Dr. Childs' seminar course The Impressionist Landscape: Style, Place and Global Legacies 1870-1920 this past fall. Click here to see pictures of Hoyon, Brooke, and Elizabeth presenting their work at SLAM!