Introduction to Illuminated Manuscripts


Illuminated manuscripts are some of the most complex, intriguing, and beautiful works of art to survive from the medieval period. Not only were they often hugely expensive and highly prized by their owners, but they are also some of the most illuminating (pun intended) documents regarding artist production, patronage, devotion, and transmission of knowledge in the period we roughly define as the Middle Ages. The goal of this course is to investigate the history of illuminated manuscript production between the years 800 and 1500. However, this course intentionally takes a non-chronological approach to the study of these objects, to more comprehensively explore connections across time, geography, technical practices, and patronage circles. It similarly aims to look broadly across Christian, Jewish, and Islamic traditions. This course will investigate this material through engagement with primary sources, workshops on the physical aspects of making manuscripts, visits to Special Collections and the Saint Louis Art Museum's Print Study Room. The overarching goal is to foster strong critical reading and thinking skills, while also developing specialized knowledge in the field of manuscript studies. No prerequisite. Note: this course is for first-year non-transfer students only
Course Attributes: FA AH; BU Hum; AS HUM; FA HUM; AR HUM; EN H

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