First-Year Seminar: Topics in Art History: Islamic Art


This introductory seminar course aims to explain the rich visual culture of the Islamic lands through class discussions and museum adventures (virtual and in person visits). Students will learn critical thinking and visual analysis via interpretation of various works of art and architecture, including tiles, ceramics, metalworks, glassworks, textiles, and manuscripts. Diverse aesthetic expressions, iconographic themes, and dynastic styles will be explored by close examination of the paintings that illustrate history, epic and love poems. Students will also gain a greater appreciation for Islamic design and its intricate patterns, manifested in a captivating fusion of geometry, floral motifs and vibrant colors. In addition to learning about the beauty and complexity of Muslim artistic heritage, the course provides a decent knowledge of Islamic science and its impact on the Western world.
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First-Year Seminar: Topics in Art History: Islamic Art
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