The Digital Art Historian


Within the digital humanities, it has often been asserted that art history lags behind other disciplines when it comes to technology adoption. But in fact, art historians are among the earliest adopters of technologically mediated academic practices, though the breadth of methodologies utilized within the digital humanities are not always suitable to or capable of fully accommodating the added layer of visual culture intrinsic to art history. While this course will explore all of the significant facets of the digital humanities and how they can be adapted to art history, it also more broadly aims to create technologically astute and nimble students and future professionals capable of "learning to learn" technologies as they emerge; determining when and how a technology may be useful in research, scholarship, instruction, and other professional work; assessing both data and the tools that represent it with a critical mind; and understanding how to effectively apply technology in a broad range of academic and professional contexts. Please note that this one-credit course does not fulfill the seminar requirement for majors in Art History and Archaeology, or count toward the four upper-level courses required for the minor in Art History and Archaeology Pre-req: Two 300-level courses in Art History or permission of the instructor
Course Attributes: AS HUM; EN H; FA HUM; AR HUM; FA AH

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The Digital Art Historian
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