Dr. Nicola Aravecchia's book is published



The Department of Art History and Archaeology is pleased to announce that Dr. Nicola Aravecchia's book Ain el-Gedida: 2006-2008 Excavations of a Late Antique Site in Egypt's Western Desert  was recently published by the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World/New York University Press. It is the final archaeological report of three seasons of excavation and survey (plus two study seasons) carried out at a Late Antique site in the Oasis of Dakhla (Western Desert of Upper Egypt). The first part of the book introduces and discusses the archaeological evidence, including a 4th-century church complex and a pagan temple that was turned into a ceramic workshop in Late Antiquity. The second part of the volume includes contributions by specialists on ceramics, coins, other categories of small finds, and faunal remains from the excavations.

The site of ‘Ain el-Gedida is a rare example of an epoikion, a type of agricultural settlement that was common in Late Antique Egypt, but was previously known only from documentary sources. Also, ‘Ain el-Gedida is an important site for the study of Early Egyptian Christianity, as it offers some of the earliest archaeological evidence on Christian places of cult in Egypt.